Working in a new tool

In order to be able to develop our stories and have a better control about what is happening in the conversations and events, we  are currently developing a tool to achieve a better result.
A clasic blocks diagram which will be interpreted by unity and will be integrated with all the gameObjects in the scene.
In this way, we will not be lost in all the lines of our story.



Creating a better tutorial

After our experience in MGE we wanted to change some things about how to make clear all the controls of the game. We have created a small tutorial where player will be able to learn all the basics in order to have a better experience playing OUTRIDERS. In addition, we have developed a small prologue to introduce some characters and backgrounds stories.



First time in front of the world

Our experience in MGE. We have developed a small demo in order to be able to show the game to a big audience. At this point, the story is almost complete and we have developed almost all the main mechanics of the game.
We have changed a bit the fighting style, now it is more traditional arcade beat em up.
In addition we have improved the inventory system and we have been able to work in the improvement of interactions with the environments.
With the received feedback we have material to keep working hard.


A great team

The family grows. Jon Romero (artist) and Marc Celma (musician) are now part of the team, and that means a great improvement in OUTRIDERS.
All the art direction has been changed in order to achieve a better feeling. Still being pixelart, tha game has now a more expressive appearance and now, characters and scenarios are able to transmit much more.



First prototype


After a few months of work, we have improved the story of the game, and we have created a small prototype of the main mechanics the game will use in the adventure and in the action scenes.
In this prototype we have tried to implement some puzzle solving elements and also a small fight sequence where the player can test the beat em up style.



Ready, steady... GO!

Our first steps in OUTRIDERS… it is not even defined how interactions will be in the game. Some sketches and some ideas growing up and a main topic… cyberpunk adventure with jokes as LucasArts did in the 90s.
The first lines of this story talk about a motorcycle gang living in as outlaws.
We are trying to mix a classic graphic adventure with a beat em up style. It looks like these genres combines well.