We are back

Hello all, its been a while since the last time we say something around here, but it is just because we have been really busy with Scrap Riders.

We have been working on the code of the game, and also on the art style.

Stay tuned because soon we will post some fresh news :)


Meet the gangs - Iron Pinups

iron pinups


These girls have their origins in Neo Tokyo. They have expanded to Uber City in partnership with Unilogic Group, which seeks to sow chaos in the city ​​to dispute the economic territory to Suntex Corp. They are led by a half-western blonde who is known just like The Baby.


Working on new improvements!

Hello all! It has been some weeks since the last update, and we love the feedback we got from the players. Now it its time to improve the code, clean some bugs and work in some changes in our user interface.
Soon we will show the new functionalities and improvements!