Meet the gangs - Iron Pinups

iron pinups


These girls have their origins in Neo Tokyo. They have expanded to Uber City in partnership with Unilogic Group, which seeks to sow chaos in the city ​​to dispute the economic territory to Suntex Corp. They are led by a half-western blonde who is known just like The Baby.


Working on new improvements!

Hello all! It has been some weeks since the last update, and we love the feedback we got from the players. Now it its time to improve the code, clean some bugs and work in some changes in our user interface.
Soon we will show the new functionalities and improvements!


Valencia Indie Summit

Hello firends!

Last week we were participating on the Valencia Indiew Summit showing the new update of the demo of SCRAP-RIDERS.

Many indie developers in the event. It was a great place to show our game, and to share experiences.

Stay tuned this weekend beacuse you will see some improvements in the demo :)



Characters: RAST

The game’s main character. He will be the only character we can use in the story. Rast has been a member of the Outriders for years. He grew up with them and has always been under the tutelage of 50N1, whom he considers a brother, or even almost a father.

Rast is irreverent, somewhat rude and even disrespectful, but he’s always in the mood for jokes. Having grown up in the wasteland, he has a tough character and is hard to intimidate.


Working on a BOSS

Hello everyone! New year, and new things to share with the world. We have been working hard in order to bring to life the boss battle. So stay tunned! soon we will update the demo and you could see (and fight) this aweme guy. Good luck with him XD